Other factors cited by people in the survey also included availability of goods, better customer service and quality of goods. A voice directed picking system where computer will give instruction thru headset and workers can make voice command to retrieve the next information. In the year , a new head office and distribution centre was completed in October at a cost of RM6. Surprisingly, the data collected showed that almost half the products sold in 99 Speedmart were cheaper than those sold in Giant with other products slightly expensive. But in this matter, Giant is by far one of the best because it has more promotion, better services and also variety of goods.

Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? This is a good example that 99 Speedmart has to take extreme careful steps before expanding their business nationwide. On the other hand, while location are important to Giant supermarkets, it is not prioritized as much as 99 Speedmart because it has a greater variety of products which was enough to attract customers. At the weekend specials, they will have a lucky draw section for those family who purchase more than an amount. Currently there are 11 stores at that particular area as of 29 November

A study of effect of location on retaili outlet sales and services ofproducts. It takes about approximately 1 hour to reach Seremban, which is non Klang Valley shop located.

Their most products are obtained and developed locally in view of Malaysia’s abundance in terms of raw material and speedmrt manufacturing facilities. In order to speeding up the process, voice directed picking system is suggested to be apply.

Lee takes dtudy realize his vision of building an integrated chain of mini-marts. According to the survey, the price of the products is the deciding factor in contributing demand to a particular market store, on the other hand, the variety of products were chosen as one of the leading factors as well. The first step he has taken is to only carry limited product and only high turnover product will be sold in the store and they do not focus much on sales margin.


As for damage product and expired, the rules and regulation is being set to a store can only return a limited box to headquarters. As referring to figure 6, we can notice that 99 Speedmart is having a flat structure to speeding up the decision process.

99 speedmart case study

Pasar Mini 99, represented the very first step Mr. This is because Giant has advantages such as varieties of products, better environment and better public awareness that attracts demand.

99 speedmart case study

According to a survey done to 20 people, 13 of the people cited location as a pivoting factors for them to decide which market they are going. The main benefit is that the workers will have both hands to do their work and maximize the efficiency of distributing the stocks.

The survey that was carried out shows peoples reaction as to what they expect when given a choice on which market to shop in.

(DOC) Demand and Supply of Giant vs. 99 Speedmart | Arjinder Singh –

After 11 years of operating, they had almost branches and 3 distribution centre around the Peninsular Malaysia. This is how and why Japan is expanding fast and understands the customer demand well.

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99 speedmart case study

Furthermore the data being collected also useful to do future prediction especially festive seasons on providing enough stocks to full fill demand. This goes to show that there is not much of difference. Out of the three, Carrefour Malaysia seems to be the worst. This will let them to set up only spredmart few distribution centre but high in efficiency in terms of centralize item delivery.

99 Supermarket

While the speedjart price might be almost same, but buying the items individually is more expensive by average of RM 1 — sperdmart in Giant compared to buying in 99 Speedmart. This will cost them for losing many profit as their customer will purchase from other place. Since both 99 Speedmart and Giant sells normal good, it can be assumed that as when the income of their target market increased, the demand for their products also increased.


Big consumer brand normally will have an area distributor for each area so 99 Speedmart can make full use on nearer source to obtain least cost of transporting goods.

On the other hand, while 99 Speedmart does not sell inferior goods, Giant sells products such as rice and cleaning agents which is their own brand that were cheaper. All of their products are backed by quality guarantee and the prizes are competitively in the category.

Therefore, placement of Speedmart were usually placed in cawe areas or somewhere near the residential area as it is the most logical solution to ensure their survival in a competition against supermarkets.

On the other hand, while location are important to Giant supermarkets, it is not prioritized as much as 99 Speedmart because it has a greater variety of products which was enough to attract customers.

Giant hypermarkets offer a wide range of local merchandise, such as fresh local fruits, vegetables, and seafood within a wet market environment. Recently, they have started to issue limited franchise licences for selected entrepreneurs. Giant also provide speesmart very good services to their customers, they buying everyday groceries just for produce fresh foods under one roof and in a hygienic environment.

For example, Giant sells more brands of rice than 99 Speedmart. The few promotion that can only be found was maybe during big festival like Chinese New year or Deepavali. Thus the bad economy that happens recently also will impact how they use their money. Literature Review Dissertation speedamrt The company had grown to operate a total of 86 hypermarkets in Malaysia with its outlet size ranging from thesquare feet 33, m2 hypermarket in Shah Alam to the 11, square feet 1, m2 supermarket in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur in