Sachdev, M Wireless intrusion detection system using fingerprinting. Cherukuri, Krishna Swamy Thermal network theory for switchgear under continuous current. Khursheed, Asif In silico development of broad spectrum antibacterial by targeting peptide deformylase. N, Krishna A study of eigenvector based face verification in static images. Barma , S D Wettability of hair using natural surfactants in presence of silver nanoparticles as additive. Mallik, Namita Study of throughput based on the impact of propagation effects and traffic patterns in wireless cellular networks. Debnath, Kishore A study on mechanical behavior and damage assessment of short bamboo fiber based polymer composites.

Tikader, Ripan Energy management at municipal parking deck for charging of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with differential evolution. Jena, Sucharita Design of a PC based wireless door security system. Mahapatra, Manoj Adsorptive mode of Phenol abatement from aqueous solution using activated carbons. Sirisha, Y Sai Hydrodynamic study and drying of grains in a tapered fluidized bed. Grandhe, Jagmohan Rao A novel off-line character recognition:

Pradhan, P P Wind speed estimation using neural networks. Shankar, A Wide-area controller design for two area power systems using robust control.

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Khan, Irshad Ahamd Prediction of elastic properties of 2D orthogonal plain weave fabric composites. SrikanthNerella Automated test suite—a validation package for mobile chipsets.

Baranwal, A K An approach for shaped-beam pattern synthesis rourlela spherical antenna array.

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Gundeti, V Quality of service of wireless optical networks. SahuGirish Kumar Static and free vibration analysis of laminated composite skew plate with and without cutout. Bhattacharyya, Prasun Design of a novel high speed dynamic comparator with low power dissipation for high speed ADCs. Roy, Pinkar Optical Music Recognition.


Haridas, B A study on mechanical and thermal behavior of coir fiber reinforced epoxy composites. An Assessment Through Eyes of Workers. Dhakarwal, Mukesh Development of ccr based variable temperature insert for cryogen free superconducting magnet system. SemwalNikhil Experimental determination of apparent fracture toughness of aluminium sheet for varying strain rate. Volli, Vikranth Recovery of bio-fuels from agricultural rurkela. Sankar, D S V Statistical signal processing approach to segment theeis components from pathological phonocardiogram.

Sheelvardhan, K Analysis and simulation of superconducting magnetic energy storage system. Panigrahy, Sarita Studies of short channel effects and Performance enhancement of nano-mosfet Based on multi-objective thesid algorithm Approach.

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Dalai, Radharaman Hyperbolic axial dispersion model. Aknan, Mohammad Iris localization using parallel computing.

Sudhakar, D S Synthesis and upgradation of castor seed bio-oil using catalytic cracking. Singpho, Senggam Wakhet Development and characterization of mixed gels based hydrogel, emulgel and bigel. Pradhan, A Analysis of flow along the meander path of a highly sinuous rigid channel.

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Panda, Rashmi Removal of artifacts from electrocardiogram. Roy, Abhisek Modification of trip generations following formation of a new district: Balasankula, Praneeth Kumar Comparison of damping on various joint structures.


Naik, Jitendra Dynamic response of beam and frame structure subjected to moving load. Dutta, Debabrata Utilization of blast furnace slag as a raw material for the manufacture of portland cement clinker. Gajula, Nanda kishore Study of object detection and reading license plate detection rourkels reading. Subhashree, Soumya Strengthening of rc continuous beams using frp sheet.

e thesis nit rourkela

Sajith, K K Simulation of human cardiovascular system. Stress Intensity Factor Calculations. Naik, P Power system contingency ranking using Newton Raphson load flow method and its prediction using soft computing nig.

Champatiray, Amreeta Experimental study for determination of infiltration rate of soils in field using double ring infiltrometer. Maharana, Anmol Development of saliency based algorithm for brain tumor detection. RoutTanmaya Kumar Pyrolysis of coconut shell. SrikanthE An enhanced index-based checkpointing algorithm for distributed systems.