Please keep in mind that we only review content for format and compliance. Here is information for obtaining paper copies for binding. You will be able to replace the original file with an updated copy in the system, if necessary. However, to ensure that readers will be able to download and use your ETD in the future, it is important to keep the size to a minimum. You must submit your document by July 15 for August graduation ; November 15 for December graduation ; or April 15 for May graduation. The iThenticate software will compare your document to over 32 billion web pages and million content items, including 34 million published works.

This form is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Is funding available for my research project? This is a federal survey that is conducted by the University of Chicago on behalf of several government agencies. This account is used to manage and maintain your thesis or dissertation in the system. Citations depend on the style manual you chose on your RTAF. See the appropriate sample of the signature page for the correct format.

Preparing and Submitting Theses and Dissertations All graduate theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically. Do the same steps if appendices are in a separate file.

Thesis-Dissertation Information – – IUP

Keep a copy of the signature page for dissertation records. November 1 Draft copy of thesis or dissertation for December graduates is submitted to grad-research iup.

Be aware of the deadlines, submission guidelines, and required forms for graduation. Submitting electronically makes your research available to a global audience and not sequestered on a shelf in our library. The Thesis-Dissertation Office will verify that your thesis or dissertation meets the style manual guidelines you indicated you would use on your Research Topic Approval Form, and will contact you via e-mail with all necessary corrections.


Request Info Apply Now. The final PDF file will have an unsigned signature page. You will be able to replace the original file with an updated copy in the system, if necessary. Funding is available, on a competitive basis, through the graduate research grant.

Thesis Dissertation Information

Where can I go for more information about copyright issues in general, as well as those related to ETDs? Map, Directions, and Parking. You have thesiw options for creating the PDF file: You may not commence research until after you receive an official notification from the School of Graduate Studies and Research indicating your RTAF has been approved.

iup thesis dissertation manual

Once the file has been reviewed and all required forms have been submitted, the SGSR dean will approve your thesis or dissertation and you will receive an approval letter.

Additionally, we will review the document for plagiarism using iThenticate software.

Thesis-Dissertation Manual

Committee How do I select a committee? Yes, once it is approved by your committee.

iup thesis dissertation manual

Resources for Current Dissdrtation. If you want to have personal copies of your dissertation bound, or if you department requires a bound copy, there are several options available. Can I have an expert from outside IUP serve on my committee?


Checklist of Common Formatting Errors. All graduate theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically. Skip to Content – Skip to Navigation. What are my options if the chair of my thesis or dissertation committee is retiring before I defend? If I submit electronically, can I still get paper copies? Select for approved diswertation manuals. What forms and approvals are required before I start my research? Color diagrams, color images, hypertext links, audio, video, animations, spreadsheets, databases, simulations, and virtual reality worlds can be included in your document.

Each student will be sent an electronic copy of the iTHenticate report along with the other formatting documents already sent by the SGSR.

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Please direct questions regarding the preparation and submission of your thesis or dissertation to the Thesis-Dissertation Office, Stright Hall, grad-research iup.

Formatting Aids and Instructional Videos.

The thesis and dissertation manual covers the entire research process and includes deadlines, formatting guidelines, and advice on selecting your committee. If you have created your thesis or dissertation as separate files preliminary pages, text, appendicesadd a section break after the preliminary pages and then insert the text.

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