The same Article was published by addisfortune in August this year. In respect of land, now, expropriation is exercised only in cases where designated land is used for a public purpose and accompanied by payment of fair compensation. As per the Revised Land Use Proclamation of , there are basically three types of tenure arrangements, i. As the constitution is the supreme law of the land, it can be argued that it should have incorporated a clear provision dealing with the issue of expropriation including public purpose requirement so as to regulate the abuse of the power of the expropriation by the government officials. The desire towards having the best standards in goods and services is progressively increasing. The study also has used the relevant literature materials as secondary sources. The other limitation on investment in banks is on national investors.

Expropriation is a very intrusive power held by government. Rural land has been taken without sufficient expropriation procedure, particularly, following the National Election. In other words, the government must pay compensation to the owner for what it has taken away from the individual which seems that the payment of compensation should be the actual value of the property taken. Most farmers prefer land to land compensation as the farmers in the Oromia region have special attachment to their land. In this part, the kinds of compensations given in the event of the loss of a land holding and its adequacy will be discussed. Consolidation of fragmented plots belonging to a farmer could be done on voluntary basis. If the original land is barren hills and has no revenues, it usually will not be compensated.

In this respect, Art 7 3 of Proc No. Still you need to go some distance in making the thesis available for those who want it. Most farmers prefer land to land compensation as the farmers in the Oromia region have special attachment to their land. The People’s Republic of China practices socialist public ownership of land, namely, ownership by the whole people and collective ownership by the working people.

It is really hard to pass through without ones help. Accordingly, this definition puts a limitation on the sovereign power inherent in the states to take property of private individuals as it cannot be exercised merely for the interest of the private interests.


As can be understood from the provision, the right to compensation is provided for properties and benefits lost as a result of expropriation and the law prefers equivalent land to be awarded for the dispossessed individuals or groups. Theoretically, this is based on the principle that Copyright is a fundamental right which should not require the time and expense of legal process for recognition.

The period specified for submitting an appeal shall not include the time taken to provide the appellant with a copy of the decision. Constitution, commonly referred to as the Takings Clause, entirely recognizes a preexisting power to take private property for public use. C reached 16 Birr per meter square andBirr per hectare annually. Practically, however, we can marvel at how much easier it might be the audiovisual works formed part of some official register to which we only needed to ascertain prove in court litigation and ownership and expiration of audiovisual work protection.

If i not make work on u can u send me paper done on federalism and right to movement,residence and employment. For the sake of further understanding, some of them will be produced in what follows. Compensation could be paid either in cash or in kind or both pursuant to this provision. This approach can be used in countries where the market value of real property is not developed.

More specifically, all possible efforts should be made by the U Universoty Security Council. Accordingly, this view can be taken as outdated in the present context of the world. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford Vol.

LLM Thesis – Ethiopian Legal Brief

So if 20 farmers pool this amount together, they will have 3,Birr. These measures seem to enhance the land rights of women but they tend to be superfluous in practical terms for the joint or separate registration title registration with same holding would cause problems of implementation.

llm thesis addis ababa university

Gulic and Robert T. As can be seen from the preamble of this regulation, it is sought to achieve the purpose of not only paying compensation in accordance with Proclamation No. Since the Constitutions left the details for the relevant subsidiary laws, it is worthwhile to see how the issue of public purpose is treated under the current rural land administration and use proclamations in addition to those mentioned in the foregoing discussions in one way or another.


Furthermore, the law requires that all family members including women, those who have interests in the land, must give their consent before any agreement to rent out rural land holding is concluded and that land tax must be paid in the name of the landholders in any land rented to others.

Addisu Gulillat Teshama

The role of competent and independent judiciary is highly crucial in protecting the rights of citizens against abuse of power by the government. To such end, the writer examined the extent of infringement of audiovisual works in Addis Ababa city and come to the conclusion that the violation is rampant.

More than half of the nations in the world are members of an international trade organization whose primary aim is fostering global trade and expanding market access by reducing and eliminating trade barriers.

llm thesis addis ababa university

Furthermore, starting from June, abaga, the amount of compensation to be paid to the farmers in the Oromia Finfinne Surrounding Special Zone Akaki woreda is decided to be 18 Birr Per meter square andBirr per hectare, particularly, by the Ethiopian Railway Authority. By the same token, the requirement of public purpose is provided under the Urban Planning Proclamation Proclamation No. The current land policy issues in Ethiopia in general and Oromia in particular have been given concerns under this part.

In this regard, the study tries to point out the legal and institutional problems related with domestically produced, exported and imported foods in Ethiopia. Land Acquisition in Developing Countries: Ethiopian legal profession is at infancy stage. Research Questions This research has sought to answer the following questions: