Wednesday, 30 May Assignment in May They should be making decisions for the new generations so that the new generations can blossomed. The child knows on which field he can be really good at, and on which field he lacks talent in. First of all, teenage children have the tendency to live in their own fantasies. If a long time ago, our mother and father depends on their parents to make important decision.

Because age fifteen to eighteen is such a crucial period for the teenage children to form their personality, to learn how to make decisions and take responsibly of it, as well as to develop where their talent lie. Can someone help me with a really blunt title for my essay? This is because; the children might have their wants and dream. For the example, parents should not make the decision with who their teenage children should be friends but they have to advice and guide their children in way to choose the correct friends. First of all adults cannot always understand the needs and feelings of children.

The researches state that most of the teenager students involved in onow immoral things such as premature sex, bully, smoking and also vandalism because of being influenced by their closed friend. So, who should be the one choosing a career for a child – the child himself, parents or both together? Even they talk to their parents, they talk to them like talking with their friends.

From this age, a feel all the teenagers used their ego to make a decision. So, my point is that it is very important to make this step right. Second, a carders part of growth of children is learning to be independent.


More importantly, fqr cannot make choices for their children forever because their child will become an adult and organize their own family concernes or later. So appreciate every decision that our parents made for us because parent always want the best for their children and do not want them to be influences by wrong peers and involve in the activity that was low in moral.


They have think their capability. To achieve that they should be given an opportunity to choose what they want to be, especially for their ambition so that there will show better performance rather than become boring with their job that had been chosen by their parent and will lead to unproductive work.

During the years of adolescence, all the decisions for the children are being made by their parents. Another point are parents can help their teenage children to choose the suitable class. Lower Secondary English essays. They need to know what kind of friends their children have and how children spend their time with them mnow the behavioural of the friends.

Parents are always want the best for their children. Parents cannot protect children forever but they only give an advised to get a change to select of friends. They want the best thing in their children life. Similarly if a child shows good cricketing skills he could be a good cricketer and so on. It seems unreasonable not to allow parents to at least voice their preferences.

They do not clearly understand the rules of a real life.

They help children a lot, bring them in a right direction to develop. This scenario occurs because children spend more time with their friends than parents.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

Parents are in most cases our first teachers and friends. Firstly we must set up an ambitions before we choose it we must ask some other ideas because its our life, of course before I start my nurse course I ask my mum, she supported me as well.



The child should be well educated and made aware of the various courses and available options in the practical world.

I very happy because successful in my education simply because my parents never made decision to me. At last who was going to regret and to be blame.

parents know best as far as careers are concerned muet essay

For surethey are people who is in the age of 15 to 18 years which is most of them still learning in the secondary school. They may decide to mingle with bad friends but that will cause them understand the real live. First of all adults cannot always understand the needs and feelings of conceened. Parents also need to took place in making decision for their own child because they afraid if their children will get influence by their friends or anyone when doing own decision.

So the teenagers who under care of parents and other adult relatives will think about their parents before they do any negative things.


So, it is advisable for parents to get involve with the decisions that teenagers make. Not to mention living for months, studying and providing with the sustenance.

In my opinion, I do not agree the statement. I, as a children, agree why parents should make important decision.