It fun to work in saladmaster as you get to meet a lot of people in the course of the activities held. The job needs a foundation of customers. If handled carefully and utilized correctly; it is a blessing to you. Dear Ellie, We are so pleased to hear your story of being a long time happy user and owner of Saladmaster products. I also am disappointed in the financing.

Saladmaster gives you room to grow. They knew what they were talking about and the quality of the product was hands down the best I have seen in my personal career. April 12, Saladmaster response. Dear Wanda, Thanks for your feedback. I attended this presentation invited by a family member and was absolutely impressive. They did send me another pan and lid, different handles though, now they snap on and off.

To have to make one’s entire income from commission only sales is quite a challenge for the shy. Bhsiness be honest I did not even know what Saladmaster was and I have never heard of it.

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I learned more about public speaking and a healthy lifestyle since i worked here. A little bit of exercise everyday is the only advice I can give before you throw your money down the drain. Good luck if you buy a set.

I love that they can go in the dishwasher and come out sparkling!! No matter how many times I accidentally burn food in it and think I have ruined it, all it takes is a little soaking in soapy water and a steel wool and it looks brand new again.


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You should know many people in the industry. I am a health professional and I could relate and understand the science behind every sentence.

I sent in the backside of the order form within the 3 days allowed. If we can be of further service to you, please let us know. Saladmaster salsdmaster legit and the quality of the product is unmatched.

SaladMaster Review: Stainless steel cookware with no transparency

I did search Saladmaster online the night before the cooking show but didnt find this site. The steamer-strainer pan is very important for steaming ground beef the steamed ground beef allows the grease to fall into the boiling water below; which is discarded. Hard to believe but the set I bought was for my “Hope Chest”! It was my dream to have a Saladmaster ever since I knew it. My 87 year old Mom has pplan moved in with my sister she cannot live alone anymore but her Saladmaster cookware purchased sometime in the late 60’s is still in great shape and my sister is now enjoying her cookware as well.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. You are also welcome to call our Saladmaster U. I asked for my account be refunded. They take a long time to heat up. I should have asked about the interest rate and how it was compounded. Meantime, the replacement saucepan was really shiny and beautiful. They did send me another pan and lid, different handles though, now they snap on and swladmaster. I am very disappointed with this service and as such have lost faith in this product to refer to others given the inadequate level of client care.


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In this job you have to be a fast thinker. The job needs a foundation of customers. The more you sponsor, the more you raise your earning potential!


If you ever need anything, please contact us directly or connect with an Independent Dealership through our website. To those who are planning to invest in these so called life changing products please think carefully and do your research before investing.

saladmaster business plan

Just make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer as helpful and informative as mine. Productive and healthy cooking. Claim this company page Review this company. Want to know more about working busihess And yes I have almost burned my pans. Im a proud owner and will be using the cookware for years to come.