The Narrator speaker , Sonny. There are different relationships at play in the stories. I think that noticing and pointing out these differences will give me an overall better view of how these stories differ from one another. Baldwin shows that suffering is a central component of the African American experience, and Harlem is portrayed as a trap—a place of violence and suffering that, because of the trauma and racism its residents experience, is nearly impossible to escape. Related Themes from Other Texts.

They were not about anything very new. The point of views shape how the authors portrayed the relationships in both stories while also adding a major role in how the plot, characters and themes played out throughout the story. How can we improve? Baldwin is not optimistic, either, about the next generation—the narrator, despite his becoming a schoolteacher, has not been able to provide better opportunities for his own children. Although some might believe that one point of view could contain constraints, others believe that the broader point of view is the better one. The daughter is seen as the girl that could outshine all others. The darkness outside is what the old folks have been talking about.

Her mother wanted her to be perfect and talented in areas the girl disliked and she hurts her mother very badly when she reacts to it.

Thesis statement for Sonny’s Blues?

Sonnyd filled everything, the people, the houses, the music, the dark, quicksilver barmaid, with menace; and this menace was their reality. It would be hard to get a real picture of Sonny, if Sonny himself was writing the story, because addiction often clouds the ability to be objective and tell an honest story.

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sonnys blues thesis

September 29, at 6: They may act different around their friends and school rather than how they are at home, typically the most comfortable atmosphere for a person. I pick prompt number four in order to focus on these relationships and not only how they affect the mothers and daughters but also other family members as well.

sonnys blues thesis

The narrator of the story is the brother that stayed behind, while his brother Sonny left to pursue a career as a musician. Both of these stories relate to each other in that they are both about a daughter and the relationship she has with her mother, and an attempt to defy tradition.

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September 29, at 2: A young rebellious youth will be viewed differently by different an older brother and an outsider. The Narrator speakerSonny speakerGrace speaker. It makes you feel—in control. Not a soul under the sound of their voices was hearing this song for the first time, not one of them had been rescued.

bluess She takes care of her husband when his brother dies and Sonny as he is going through his rough patch. Both authors have the ability to represent a specific amount of information they wish the reader to know, which could either enhance the readers curiosity or portray the exact information that this point of view represents.

James Baldwin: “Sonny’s Blues” (pp): Sp13 ENGLLO1

For my topic I gravitated towards picking the first one, where I sojnys be comparing two stories in which one is Third Person Limited and the other one being Third Person Omniscient, answering the question why Limited Third Person is such a popular point of view to write in. They’re like having in-class notes for every discussion!


Each character deals with pressure in a different way. Though the story focuses mainly on Scotty and his parents, the reader is also aware of actions by supporting characters as the sequence of events proceeds.

Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin Essay

Why isn’t there a massive systematic centralized effort similar to the manhattan project to digitize education? I think that noticing and pointing out these differences will give me an overall better view of how these stories differ from one another.

sonnys blues thesis

LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. This is a great start, Katie. Or answer all of them, who’s stopping you? September 30, at 7: For one thing, people usually have two contradictive personalities.

How to make this thesis statement better: Related Themes from Other Texts.

The overall analysis of this story is based on family values and struggle. These stories are similar but also polar opposites. It seems that Cornelia has the best relationship with her mother because she is the only child that is there while Granny is on her death bed. The silence, the darkness coming, and the darkness in the faces frightens the child obscurely…. Jing-mei is a first generation American living in the crowded Chinatown section of a large city in California, and b,ues lives very much according to old Chinese traditions.